How do you get visitors to spread the word about your blog or content site?

Below are a list of 4 Plugins that can help you do just that!

1  ShareThis Share Buttons

Many people are on social media already and use their social profiles to share content with their followers and friends. One of the best ways to do this is to show social sharing buttons on your WordPress site. The ShareThis Share Buttons make this easy.

This plugin enables users to easily set the style and features for their buttons. With this plugin you can configure and offer multiple options for customization, including types of social channels, labels, shape, size, as well as alignment, and order.

2 Contextly Recommends

Getting visitors to find informative, relevant, and engaging will increase the visitors retention rate. Contextly Recommends inspires readers to explore more of your articles by serving “related content” in sidebars and the end of your posts. If a post has generated interest from the reader, they are more likely to also be interested and engage in the related content you have.

The plugin also helps you boost on-page SEO by making it a breeze to add internal links to previous posts in the body of your blog posts.

3 Social Comments

There are many plugins that support comment features into your WordPress Theme, but Social Comments allows you to add Facebook comments to your site with ease. Readers that are already logged into their Facebook account just have to type comment and press enter. This gives readers the ability to tag their friends, which brings in new Readers to your site.

4 Hello Bar

Hello Bar is probably one of the more feature rich notification plugins out there. With Hello Bar you cam add a call-to-action button that connects to a landing page, while also getting an analytics report of visitors who have engaged with the widget.


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