As a new website owner or an intending one, you have the option of investing in a fully customized website or you can opt for WordPress customized theme. The first option is best suited for large businesses that are already in the big league because it is usually expensive.

However, for small and young businesses, you are better off with a WordPress theme for these reasons:

Affordability – WordPress themes are generally affordable. Here at Excellent Themes we have free WordPress themes and all of our premium WordPress Themes are under $50!There is no customer maintenance fee or any other fee for WordPress themes. WordPress has thousands of free and premium themes you can use, depending on your pocket and purpose.

WordPress is easy to customize – WordPress themes are not just customizable, they are easy to customize. WordPress is structured in such a way that anyone who can use a computer can design and run it without any prior coding knowledge. WordPress gives you the freedom to tweak and adjust the themes to suit your style and content. There are plugins available to assist you in adjusting your site to suit your needs.

Content Management Made Easy – With WordPress, content management is a piece of cake. You can upload pictures, videos, post or change blog contents easily and swiftly without prior knowledge of coding or other technical expertise. The system does the rest of the work for you and quickly too.

Mobile Friendly – These days, mobile phones are used by most people to access and perform various online tasks. It is imperative that your site be accessible via phone and most WordPress themes afford you this opportunity.

SEO friendly – WordPress works well with search engines, making optimization easy. It possesses many features that enhance SEO and make it easy for your business to be found.

Functionality – WordPress offers its users an assortment of available functions through the various templates and plugins, helping you personalize your website.

WordPress Support – WordPress supports you every step of your way as you begin the journey of creating and designing your site. There is a WordPress community with various questions and their solutions and you can even ask your own questions. There are tutorials from WordPress developers. And of course, WordPress has a strong customer support, including live chat for business customers.

Website Management – You can manage your website from anywhere on any device whenever you wish to without having to wait for your site developer. Whenever you need to make any changes on your site, you are free to do so.

WordPress themes are ever evolving technologically, making website designing exciting and easy for you. Add great product/service to that and you are on a roll.